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Gold testing services ensuring the purity and value of your gold

In the world of precious metals, accuracy and trust are paramount. Our Gold Testing Services are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive and reliable analysis of your gold items. Utilising state-of-the-art technology and expert techniques, we specialise in determining the purity and composition of your gold, ensuring you have precise knowledge of its true value. Whether you are a jeweller, a collector, or an individual seeking appraisal for your precious assets, our services offer the confidence and peace of mind you need. With fast turnaround times, detailed reports, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, our Gold Testing Services stand as a beacon of excellence in the field of precious metal analysis. Trust us to unlock the true worth of your gold.

Gold testing pricing


incl. VAT + delivery fee
Up to 10g of gold per consignment Delivery insured up to £750
XRF elemental report
per consignment


incl. VAT + delivery fee
Up to 50g of gold per consignment Delivery insured up to £2,500
XRF elemental report
per consignment


incl. VAT + delivery fee
Up to 100g of gold per consignment Delivery insured up to £5,000
XRF elemental report
per consignment

Testing gold with X-ray fluorescence (XRF)

  • Non-Destructive Testing – XRF allows for the analysis of gold without causing any damage to the item being tested. This is particularly important for valuable or historical gold items.
  • Accuracy and Precision – XRF provides highly accurate and precise measurements of gold content, ensuring reliable results.
  • Speed of Analysis – The testing process is quick, often taking only a few seconds to a few minutes, making it highly efficient.
  • Versatility – XRF can test a variety of gold items, from jewelry to coins, and can also detect a range of other metals present in the item.
  • Non-Invasive and Safe – The method is non-invasive, and when used properly, it is safe for the operator as it involves minimal exposure to radiation.
  • Elemental Analysis – Besides testing for gold purity, XRF can also identify and quantify other elements present in the alloy, providing comprehensive information about the composition.
  • Elemental Report – XRF testing often includes a detailed report of the elements composition at no additional cost, offering valuable insights into the sample’s complete makeup.

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